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Her Every Fear



Kate suffered a brutal attack at the hands of her ex boyfriend. Distant cousin Corbin suggest a flat swap for 6 months, wanting to get away and start to rebuild her life, Kate agrees to move from her one bedroom London flat to Corbin’s grand apartment in Boston. Shortly after her arrival she makes a horrific discovery, Corbin’s neighbour appears to have been murdered. (Not exactly the fresh start she expected) When the police question her about Corbin she can answer very little. Who is he and what has she walked into?

The main reason why I picked up this book is because of his earlier book The Kind Worth Killing, which I read back in May. I was hooked to this book from the beginning as it isn’t your usual storyline. Two strangers meet in an airport, Ted who is drunk tells Lily that he could kill his wife as he knows that she is having an affair. Lily instantly tells him that she wants to help him carry it out. This already has my attention because who is Lilly? and why is she wanting to help a stranger kill his cheating wife?
However the book takes a shocking twist which made me have to put the book down just to be able to take in what had just happened.



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